Recently I managed to lose 8 kgs (18 pounds) in 4 months!

My stories of weight gain and bouncing back into shape

I was too busy with guests and kids for more than a week now. I hardly got any time to update my blog. If everything goes as per plan, I will make at least 4 useful blog posts every week.

Last week I wrote on how we put on weight. Now I am going to tell you on losing extra weight. I managed to lose weight whenever it was more than normal.

For the first time in my life, I gained abnormal weight when I was 14 years old

When I was 13 and half years old, suddenly I started putting on extra weight.  My appetite for food increased never like before and so did my weight. I had summer vacation then and I did not really know what exactly is happening in my body though I had noticed some weight gain. But I was not much concerned about that.

One day my elder sister told me about menstruation and asked me to be prepared for my first menstrual cycle as it can happen anytime thereafter.  When I went back to school after vacation, my friends started teasing me. But it was not only me, there were many other girls too who had gained noticeable weight like me.

After a month or two, I got my first menstrual cycle. Now, at 30, when I remember those days, I feel like laughing loudly, but I am just smiling remembering those sweet days of my life.

It was puberty weight gain; I lost it rather very easily!

It wasn’t that difficult for me to lose some weight then. I started engaging myself more and more in school activities and outdoor games and that is it. I got back into shape, though I could not become as slim as I was before.

When I was 18 years again I started putting on extra weight!

After I joined college, I started staying at a hostel nearby as it was very far from my parents place. Initially for a year or so, everything was normal, but then I noticed irregular periods. I started putting on more and more weight again.

I went to a gynecologist who did some tests and scanned my ovaries told me that I am suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO). She prescribed some medicines with colostrum and even told me to do rigorous exercises and control food intake.

I just followed what she said, I started getting regular periods, but could not lose all that extra fat I had gained under my skin.

But, then after I was too busy with my studies for almost 6 years, I do not know how I lost all that extra weight. But I think it’s because of the study pressure and hostel food.

My weight was at its peak after I got married


After my post graduation, I was working as a faculty in one of the business school. Then I met my man, fell in love with him. Then again I started puffing up. I don’t know why, but I think Feel Good Factor made me fat then.

I was very happy for being able to find someone very special, very caring and loving. Then we decided to get married.

After marriage, golden days (?) of my life started. I left my job and shifted to his place. I enjoyed those initial days of married life to the fullest. But then, my body was swelling day by day and my weight reached its peak. I missed my periods many a times and mistook it for pregnancy. Did pregnancy tests 3 -4 times and felt really bad to find them negative.

Then again I had to meet a gynecologist. As expected, because of PCOS my periods were irregular and overweight was worsening the situation. He instructed me to do very rigorous exercises along with the medication.

Will continue tomorrow.

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