Putting on weight was easy, but getting rid of it was never easy

I Was Struggling with Overweight, but not now

camryI have a tendency to put on maleextra weight very often. There are some lucky people who never over-weigh irrespective of what they eat. But my body is not like that, it swells fast but takes a lot of time and effort before it shrinks. I mean, I put on weight fen fast, but shedding those extra pounds has never been easy for me.

But now, for the last 8 months my weight is normal and I am confident of maintaining the same for at least next 2 years. Want to know how? Will tell you at the end.

Before that I would like to give you some basic information on

  • How do you put on overweight and
  • How you can lose that extra weight in a healthy way?

Reasons for abnormal weight gain

You gain weight when

  • You eat more calories than before (Higher calorie input)
  • Stop or lower exercises (Lower calorie output)
  • Your metabolic or calorie burning rate decreases  (lower calorie output)

How do you gain fat?

You get energy when your body burns the calories in the food you eat. When you eat excess calories than what you need for your daily activities, your body conserves those calories by converting them into fat and stores them under your skin.

I didn’t eat more, but I gained extra weight!

Many people including me, gain weight even though there is no change in the eating habits. What could the reason for this? Decreased metabolic rate!

Metabolic rate – The Key factor for weight gain or weight loss

Metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories. Your metabolic rate makes you thin or fat. All of us have different types of bodies and different metabolic rates. This is the reason why some people do not gain extra weight even though they eat more than you or some people gain too much even if they eat normal.

What could be the reason for decrease in my metabolic rate?

This is rather a very complicated question. Ageing, Hormonal changes, stress, illness, medication, lack of sleep, sleeping too much, lowered activity level, stopping smoking, irregular eating habits, menopause etc are the common reasons for decrease in metabolic rate.

These factors are sometimes contradictory.  For eg, some people lose weight during increased stress levels while some put on weight then. You may gain weight when you are tension free too, that means, feel good factors too make you gain weight.

How can I lose extra weight fast?

Will write on that in my next blog post. Now I have to bring my kid back from his playschool. Tomorrow I will tell you how I gained weight and how I managed to lose that extra weight.