Have More Sex & Keep Intimacy Alive in Marriage: Tips for Women!

Note: I wrote this blog post during Covid-19 pandemic. I was always comfortable writing on health, fitness & pregnancy related topic, but couldn’t write about sex though my hubby used to encourage me.

Sex is such an integral part of my marriage (or everyone!), but as a woman revealing personal experience to the whole world to read isn’t easy!

This post contains some text and images suitable for mature audiences only. If you are not married, not in a relationship please don’t read – thank you 🙂

Love, intimicy & sex in rmarriage

Is it a honeymooning season? “Yes”, says the data, thanks to COVID 19 pandemic led lock downs.

It seems like the whole world is sitting at home and having sex. The sex essentials like condoms & lubes, toys and enhancement pills sales online are skyrocketing as per some of the popular brands sales data worldwide.

Indeed, a wonderful way to give your best to your loved one and make this season memorable one for the good reasons.

sex in marriage integral part
When I was teen I found lip to lip kiss ‘vulgar & disgusting act!’

Here’s My love Story

Being a woman, I always wanted to have an intellectual as my life partner. I always dreamt of sitting and discussing social problems, international and national economic policies, good and bad aspects of different religions, politics etc. sipping a big cup of coffee with my life partner!

Later I realized that even my body needs a fierce lover who can worship & explore my sensual parts and arouse me to the new peaks every time and give me an ecstatic orgasm every now and then.

I met my man 13 years back, fell for his sharp eyes, dated for a year and then got married.

Oh!, those were the days friends, only our bodies were talking. We were just enjoying. Both of us were into home based online jobs.

Friends, it was all physical in the beginning in our relationship. We used to have sex day and night.

We missed our meals many a times, were just cuddling on the bed, in the bathroom, on the sofa, in front the computer, under the table, in the balconies almost every next hour.

Just wondering can we ever do that again as we have 2 naughty kids now.

Sex becomes a routine over time!

Years passed, our hunger for sex reduced, lost the zeal of reinventing and rejuvenating sex life. Both of us became busy in building our careers and earning. The frequency of sexual intercourse was just two times a week like a routine. We did not bother to experiment new.

We decided to have kids. Oh, it was not easy but worth trying. Blessed with a boy and then a girl baby with just a gap of 2 years.

Just another phase of life. Very enjoyable!

We finally found ourselves again! But more at nights

Oh.. how could we forget the immense joy of cuddling and romancing? Not going to waste any more years focusing only on career anymore. These days will never come again in life again.

We are still young, we have lot many youthful years to enjoy that physical fun!. We started it all over again.

Day and night romancing was not practical for us with 2 small kids. But we both sat and decided to start our sex life afresh and tried to explore ourselves to maximum.

We are doing it friends, We are Rocking!

Explore the new peaks of pleasure with your mate

Corona Pandemic has given you an opportunity to rejuvenate your sex life. Don’t hesitate, talk to your partner, plan it and enjoy at home. Keep corona virus away!

Love and intimacy in marriage & relationship

Here are few tips for getting your clit a lot more sweet shocks and sensual currents. They are awesome.

I have some tips for men too for giving the best orgasms to your woman and get back a fierce arousal that can calm her and make you proud again.

10 Tips to Enhance Intimacy in Marriage
  1. Both of you sit and decide to give it a GO. Consciously try. It’s worth doing.
  2. Be little naughty – tickle, bite, pat, beat, poke, lick, jump, punch…limitless options. You know once he waked me up by poking his penis into my ears.
  3. Start in the morning! –Our toes start talking with the morning coffee. There are 100 s of ways to keep the Fire on. We do light romancing while playing with kids too. Keep yourself on.

Just a naughty look at her/his sensual parts can do the trick. You have lot many weapons and you know the right buttons and switches on your partner’s body.

Love and intimacy in marriage & relationship

Do not know about other women, but I get aroused if he wanders around me a couple of times now and then. His touches on my body send high voltage current to my vagina.

  1. Do household chores together and keep them short. Don’t cook too much. Eat simple and healthy.
  2. Romance wherever and whenever you can – We romance even while we play with kids. We romance in the kitchen. Oh, every once in a week we bath together, sometimes end up getting blasting orgasms in the bathtub. The joy of foam massage on the nipples is something that makes me wild. I just get on to him and rape him till the final cell of my clit gets the ecstasy.
  3. Oil Massaging
  4. We use lubes, oil and some sex toys to reach the new peaks
  5. Get some sex enhancement supplement, it works: He wants to pin me to his fullest. He says he feels satisfied only if I get wonderful orgasm. I feel blessed to see his proud side smile after giving me a blasting orgasm.

But every time it was not possible. Sometimes suddenly he was losing his hardness. But that was fine with me, but not with him. He wanted hard and longer erections and so ordered some supplements. They helped him almost to perfection.

Luckily even during this lock-down season they are available and are delivered to your doorsteps.

We do lot of physical exercises together these days, which, he says, make his penis straight and hard quite often. Exercises can make manhood strong I feel.

  1. Use your intelligence to make every intercourse very special. We spent one full night on the terrace on a carpet watching night sky and stars and romanced till he showered tingling stars inside my vagina.
  2. We have started watching sensual romantic movies once again, but we don’t get lost there, start our long romantic sessions too.

I am stopping here even though I have hundred more tips on my fingertips. Sex doesn’t really need a teacher or a guide. It’s in-built among us. Just apply your mind and act on it.

Don’t think of your age, You need that fun.

Don’t get upset for not being able to get orgasms or harder and longer erections. Thanks to the medical fraternity and the researchers, there are solutions for all the problems. Just keep yourself calm and love your mate for what he or she is.

It is natural for men to feel low self-esteem if they can’t give an orgasm to their woman. No woman would break a relationship due to few failed/flopped intercourse. Mind you, no man can escape premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in his lifetime!

Love and intimacy in marriage & relationship

Sex in marriage is not only your right, it’s an obligation towards your partner. Finally, it’s the emotional bonding that can bring wonderful arousal and ultimate sexual pleasure. You engage in sex through strengthening emotional bonds or strengthen your bonds through regular romantic sessions. Both work wonders.

Use this never before opportunity to rejuvenate your love life and reinvent your youthfulness.

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