Glucotrust V/s Berbamax for Diabetes Management

2 diabetes management supplements called “Glucotrust” and Berbamax” are very popular online. While Berbamax is 100% natural, Glucotrust contains synthetic ingredients. Both supplements are known to reduce blood sugar, promote weight loss and provide various other benefits.

Now let’s compare both the supplements in detail. Either products have their own distinctive features and benefits. So, you are advised to study both carefully and select the most appropriate one.

Please note, Glucotrust is ‘made in USA’, but shipped worldwide. Whereas, Berbamax is ‘made in UK’, but supplied worldwide.

Glucotrust & Berbamax Comparison Table

Main benefitsDiabetes management, weight lossDiabetes management, weight loss and healthy cholesterol
Primary ingredientGymnema sylvestre, a leaf extractBerberice HCL, a plant extract
Daily Dosage1 capsule of 500 mg3 capsules of 500mg
Cost per month*$59$34
Main USP1 capsule per day filled with multiple proven ingredients.3 tablets per day, contains only one proven ingredient with multiple benefits.
ResultFast, normally within 1-2 monthsSlow, normally within 2-3 months
More InfoSee review belowMore Info
* Cost per month assumes 3 bottles package at listed price. Some discount maybe available.

Clucotrust Review

just one capsule per day, taken before bedtime, promotes healthy blood sugar levels while giving other health benefits such as…

  • Promoting healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Reducing sugar and junk food cravings
  • Supporting deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Glucotrust contains few ingredients called Gymnema sylvestre, Biotine, Cinnamon, Chromium & Managanize etc. All these ingredients combined helps you to reduce blood sugar, lose weight and enhance neurological health.

Now, let’s look into some medical studies.

Gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is regarded as one of the plants with potent anti diabetic properties. This plant is also used for controlling obesity in the form of Gymnema tea. The active compound of the plant is a group of acids termed as gymnemic acids. It has been observed that there could be a possible link between obesity, Gymnemic acids and diabetes. This review will try to put forth an overall idea about the plant as well as present a molecular perspective linking the common medicine to the most common metabolic disorders. [citation]


Biotin is a B vitamin found in food. It helps the body convert food into energy and plays many other important roles in health. Biotin boosts the health of the hair and nails, supports a healthy pregnancy, and helps manage blood sugar levels, among other benefits. [citation]


Aside from diabetes, cinnamon has shown promise in promoting weight loss. Cinnamon is high in fiber. The spice can therefore help reduce food cravings by promoting a feeling of satiety and fullness. Cinnamon can boost metabolism, since the body uses more energy to process the spice than it does for other foods. [citation]

Overall, Glucotrust contains 15 different nutrients to promote various health benefits. You also get 3 ebooks as bonus

Is Glucotrust Right For Me?

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic then surely yes. However, if you are taking sugar control tablets like Metformin you may have to reduce your dosage. It’s advisable to consult your doctor.

You can replace your morning Metformin with Glucotrust until you see substantial reduction in fasting blood sugar. Additionally, it is important to continue healthy diet and exercise as advised by your doctor.

Glucotrust Best Price Discount

The listed price is $69 per bottle and $49 for 3 bottles. However, you can click on the link below to claim 30% discount today on all orders!

See Berbamax Review Below

Berbamax Review

BERBAMAX is a premium blood sugar control supplement made up from 97% Berberine HCL providing super fast results.

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Supports a healthy metabolism

Bebamax is a new dietary supplement with surprisingly 1 active ingredient – ’97 % Berberine HCL extract. [read this Berbamax review]

Features & Benefits of Berbamax

Decrease insulin resistance, making the blood sugar lowering hormone ‘insulin’ more effective.
Berberine may activate the ‘metabolic master switch’: An energy-stabilizing enzyme found inside cells, AMPK (adenosine monophosphate kinase), is known as a ‘metabolic master switch’ due to its positive influence on metabolism.[*] It’s believed that this helps improve insulin sensitivity at the cellular level.

Decrease sugar production in the liver.
Berberine helps slow the sugar factory: According to studies, berberine may stimulate glycolysis, the metabolic pathway by which sugar is broken down and converted to energy, and may inhibit gluconeogenesis, the creation of glucose.[*] In effect, these activities decrease insulin sensitivity and help to balance blood sugar levels. [citation]

Slow the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Berberine supports the liver: Plant compounds are thought to help improve insulin sensitivity in the liver by reducing its production of glucose. Additionally, berberine is thought to boost thermogenesis. These activities help suppress the liver’s tendency to make new glucose when liver cells become insulin resistant. [citation]

Increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. ¹
Several studies have shown that berberine may modulate the gut microbiota through enriching short-chain fatty acid (SCFA)-producing bacteria and reducing microbial diversity. This in turn inhibits dietary polysaccharide degradation and decreases caloric intake in the gut, which may improve energy metabolism and intestinal health; anti-inflammatory effects; and immune regulatory effects. [citation]

Removes deep body fat that accumulates around the belly and organs.

There’s a strong correlation between blood sugar and weight loss. Research on berberine for weight loss and fat-burning activity is limited but promising. In one 12-week study, subjects lost about 2.3% body weight — or 5 pounds — and lowered BMI and body fat percentage by 3.6% with a dosage of 3,500 mg per day.[*] Another 3-month study revealed a drop in BMI, from 31.5 to 27.4, in obese individuals, as well as a reduction in waist circumference.[*]

Is Berbamax Right For Me?

Berberine is backed by various medical studies and proven to work. Moreover, it can permanently reverse type-2 diabetes while promoting faster weight loss and improved lipid profile. It is also known to improve cardiovascular health. If you are a woman use Trimtone to lose weight.

If you are already taking diabetic medicines like Metformin then you have to make some adjustments in consultation with your Doctor. Though the daily dosage is 3 capsules of 500mg, on day one take only 1 alongwith Metformin. Then closely observe how you feel. Read about Nutraville Amyl Guard Ingredients

If you don’t feel sudden energy loss or abnormal hunger then take 2 tabs next day & so on. You cannot completely stop Metformin for atleast one month. Additionally, it takes at least 2 months for Berberine to show significant result.

Berbamax Best Buy Offer

Berbamax is infact cheaper than Glucotrust with the right package of 3 months. It cost just about $34. Get 3 bottles at the price of 2 using the button below.

Other Lifestyle Change Alternatives

Type-2 diabetes is a curable lifestyle disease. Intermittent fasting, rigorous exercise and permanently shifting to healthy diets are known to reverse diabetes. You can replace one or 2 meal a day with delicious smoothies to enhance your health.

Delicious, Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Energy, & Incredible Health!
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