A Holistic Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

There are those of us who wonder why it’s so easy for some to lose weight while it takes so much effort for others.  True but, there are so many factors that affect weight loss like physical, psychological and emotional conditions. All touch base when we try to lose weight.


We are always advised to seek the approval of our personal physician before starting a weight loss program.  So you’ve been given a clean bill of health – physically. But are you prepared to tackle this gargantuan task of transforming yourself – psychologically? We tend to forget that we should also see to it that we are in the right frame of mind.

Are we prepared for the responsibilities that accompany the journey we are about to embark? Constant consciousness with regards to what we put in our mouths as well as in our heads, for that matter may cause unrequited stresses that may have negative effects on our endeavor.

Allowing thoughts that do less than inspire can ignite a wrong attitude towards weight loss.  Instead of nurturing thoughts of a healthier, more attractive you, you may start entertaining ideas of how difficult the process to that condition is.

You may begin to consider your program to be such a punishment that you will eventually backslide and go back to your old ways, wasting all the efforts you have made since you have started. The end product – you fail at losing weight.

So it is healthy advice to watch your thoughts. Doing so will keep you in a happy place and will put you in the right attitude to lose weight.

Weigh Lose Diet while Traveling

Summer is the season for travel. You may go on a short trip or a cruise but bear in mind that travel is NOT an excuse to take a break from your weight loss regimen. Temptations abound when you’re on the road so here are a few tips to keep yourself committed to your diet. With a little careful planning, you can definitely enjoy your trip without letting down

Avoid stopovers. If possible, bring your own snacks so that you won’t be tempted to purchase junk food.     If you are flying, inform the airline at least 24 hours in advance if you require a special meal. Most airlines will accommodate specially requested meals if informed well in advance.

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You owe it to yourself to stay conscious of methods of preparation, the amount of calories and the ideal small portions you normally consume. Do not hesitate to inform the server of your preferences so you can stay faithful to your program. Your own set of utensils can be beneficial if you have them in your purse all the time. Even if you are not in a restaurant, you will be able to eat right and conveniently.

Be sure to inject some walking time when you can. You will see more sights this way and at the same time get the exercise you need. Food on cruise ships can be overwhelming. There is so much food available 24/7 and so easy to request but also, the different kinds of cuisines. Use this to your advantage. You are sure to find choices that are low in fat and prepared in a healthy way. You can also ask onboard chefs to prepare your food for you the way you want it done.